RES/q Managed Services

Murphy’s Law tells us when systems fail it is usually at the least opportune time-when you are facing a critical deadline or preparing an important document. With Res/q Managed Services your organization is no longer at the mercy of repair technicians who cannot come until next week. We service your IT systems remotely to get your IT systems working or, if an on-site visit is necessary, we will respond within three hours even after hours. So, relax, RES/q has you covered.

What is RES/q?

RES/q is our Remote Engineering Support program. With RES/q, you no longer count “number of support hours billed”. Instead, RES/q provides your office with a stable, reliable computer resource for a fixed monthly fee. Using RES/q is like having your own IT staff for a much lower cost than hiring specialized personnel.

How are Managed Services different from just calling a technician?

RES/q Managed Services is a monthly, fixed fee for services that provides guaranteed availability of technical support. Managed services are more than stopping crises through remote support and on onsite technical problem solving; it is also remote monitoring of your systems to ensure problems do not happen in the first place. And there is more:

  • RES/q keeps your systems up to date with necessary security patches and software updates
  • RES/q performs routine maintenance on your systems for maximum uptime
  • RES/q provides unlimited onsite support
  • RES/q offers discounted labor rates when you select services such as installation of new hardware and software or moving and changing equipment
  • RES/q provides help desk support and aids your staff in tracking service requests